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Experience a trash service company in Peyton, CO that truly understands your needs. We have been providing Colorado homeowners, businesses and construction sites with trash services for over 25 years. Our longevity in the industry speaks to the trust our clients place in us and our unwavering dedication to the community.

Weekly Peyton Trash Pickup

  • Our extra-large 95 gallon trash containers come standard
  • We pick up your garbage once per week
  • Affordable pricing with the first month free for new customers
  • We are Colorado-owned and operated! When you call us, you’ll talk to someone who understands our community
  • We love supporting our military service members and offer special discounts for current active duty service members and veterans!

American Flag with Picture of Illustrated German Shepard for HBS Trash in support of Freedom Service Dogs of America

Why Choose HBS Trash?

Dependability: Reliable and dedicated, we promise you a Peyton trash service like no other.

Colorado Pride: HBS Trash isn’t just a service—we’re members of the Peyton community. We operate with a deep sense of belonging and responsibility towards our home. It’s why our drivers take extra care. No one likes trash blowing around their neighborhood, and we are no different!

Local Customer Support: Need support? Talk directly to our customer support, based right here in Colorado.

Testimonials of Our Trash Service

Peyton’s Trusted Choice for Dependable Trash Services

A reliable and efficient trash service is an essential part of daily life. Our commitment to the unique needs of our community is unwavering. We provide each client with a spacious 95-gallon trash container, ensuring ample room for weekly disposals. With our convenient once-a-week garbage pickup in Peyton, households and businesses alike can easily maintain a clean and clutter-free environment.

Cost-effectiveness is at the core of our operations. New customers get to experience our dedication firsthand with a complimentary first month of service. As a local Colorado company, we understand the nuances of Peyton intimately. When you reach out to HBS Trash, you’re connecting with a team that truly appreciates and values the dynamics of this vibrant community.

We are proud to extend special discounts to our service members, including both active-duty personnel and veterans, as a token of our deep gratitude for their service. Beyond the routine pickups, it’s our dedication to the community and meticulous attention to detail that set us apart. Our drivers ensure swift and efficient garbage pickup in Peyton, CO, and our local customer service team is always ready to assist with any inquiries.

For those seeking a trustworthy, community-oriented trash service that Peyton residents hold in high regard, HBS Trash remains your premier choice.

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