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1. What are your normal hours of operations?
Location: 8030 Industry Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80939 Open from 8am to 4pm Our customer service hours are 8am to 5pm Our route operation hours are 6am to 6pm
2. What holidays are observed?
- Memorial Day - 4th of July - Labor Day - Thanksgiving - Christmas Day - New Year’s Day We operate as usual on all other holidays. If a holiday falls on or prior to your collection day, service will be delayed by 1 day, i.e. the week of Memorial Day 2020, Monday collection day will be picked up on Tuesday, May 26th.
Bill Pay
1. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, money order, check, payments, credit or debit card, checking account. We also have online bill pay as well as autopay.
1. Do you pick up trash during inclement weather?
We do not operate our trucks when roads are unsafe, we will notify you via text or email if our trucks cannot operate in your area. In those instances, your pick up may be delayed by at least one day. Please call us to update your contact info, to ensure that you will receive these communications.
Acceptable Recycling Items
1. What items CAN be recycled?
Paper - Mixed Paper - Newspapers, magazines, and catalogs - Cardboard - Cartons - Paperboard - Phonebooks and paperback books Plastics - Rigid Plastic - Bottles and Containers -Plastics #1-7 Metals - Aluminum cans, foil, and pie plates - Steel cans - Loose metal jar lids and bottle caps Please - Empty and rinse all containers - Place recyclables loose and unbagged in your curbside recycling container - Flatten all cardboard and paperboard boxes - Place your recycling container 4 feet from parked cars and other obstacles NO - NO GLASS BOTTLES OR JARS - NO GARBAGE - NO PLASTIC BAGS - NO PLASTIC FILM - NO STYROFOAM®
Not Acceptable Recycling Items
1. What items CAN NOT be recycled?
Please DO NOT place the following products in your curbside recycling container. NO PLASTIC BAGS OR FILM We cannot accept plastic bags in your curbside recycling bin. Plastic bags can be recycled at most local grocery stores. NO GARBAGE NO NON-RECYCLABLE PLASTICS We accept Plastics #1-7 but there are some plastics that are not recyclable. These products include Styrofoam, hard plastic items including toys, plastic chairs, flower pots, PVC pipes and any other plastic products that are not listed in these guidelines. NO LIQUIDS OR FOOD RESIDUE Please completely empty and rinse out all containers before recycling. NO CERAMICS OR OTHER GLASS PRODUCTS Do not place glass, ceramics, china, dishes, mirrors, light bulbs, Pyrex, porcelain, or window glass in your curbside recycling container. NO SCRAP METAL Do not place scrap metal items of any size in your curbside recycling container. NO ELECTRONICS Do not place electronic devices in your curbside recycling container. NO HAZARDOUS WASTE We do not accept hazardous waste such as oil-based paint, automotive fluids, car batteries, fertilizers, and pesticides. Latex paint recycling locations can be found on
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