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While weekly trash collection may not be the most glamorous part of the week, regular trash pickup is a critical neighborhood service, like plowing the streets or keeping the power grid up and running. HBS Trash is your local partner in residential waste management, with a commitment to customer service that we’re known for around the city.

Like you, we value cleaner streets and neighborhoods we can be proud to call home. That’s why HBS Trash provides residential solid waste and recycling services to thousands of families and neighborhoods every day.

To minimize local disruption and noise, we come through just once per week to attend to all our customers on your street at once. If you need a one-time special pickup for junk or large objects too big for your bin, call our office to let us know and schedule a curbside pickup time.

The following items are prohibited

No hazardous materials or chemicals, such as paint (unless open and dried out), cooking oil, flammable materials such as oil and gas, concrete, rocks, sod, hot ashes, tires, electronics, and appliances containing refrigerant/Freon.

Yard waste

Yard waste such as leaves and grass clippings must be bagged and can be placed in trash tote.

If you have branches that need to be removed, please call at least 1 business day prior to your collection day to schedule pick up. Branches must be cut into 3-4ft sections and tied securely in 24-inch bundles.

Pick up guidelines

On your collection day, please make sure totes are at the curb by 7 am with the handles facing towards the house.

Please ensure 2 ft of clearance between totes and surrounding items such as cars, mailboxes, extra bags, etc.

Large pickups

Bagged trash that does not fit into the provided HBS tote provided will be $3.50 a piece, outside the Tote + 3 bag limits.

Please call customer service to schedule large items such as furniture.

Please call at least 1 business day prior to your pick up, and we will work with you to get large items removed.


We observe the following holidays:
– Memorial Day
– Independence Day
– Labor Day
– Thanksgiving Day
– Christmas Day
– New Year’s Day

We operate as usual on all other holidays.

If a holiday falls on or prior to your collection day, service will be delayed by 1 day.
If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, there will be NO delay in service.

Inclement weather

If we are unable to provide service due to inclement weather, collection will take place the following scheduled collection day, or as soon as weather conditions allow. We will notify you via email, or phone call if there is a service interruption on your pick up day due to weather.

Please call us to keep your contact information updated, to ensure that you will receive these communications.


Cancellation Policy

While we do not require a long term contractual agreement, a $25 cancellation fee is applicable if you cancel within the current quarter.

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